Perhaps you would like to know a little about me. I was born on a 640 acre livestock and grain farm near Shirley, IL in the early 1950’s. I attended a country grade school (Ben Funk) and later graduated from Heyworth High School. My next educational adventure took me to the University of Illinois (go Illini!) where I planned on becoming an engineer.

That didn’t work out so well, but I did end up with a degree in Business Administration in 1973. I worked on an MBA, but quit for lack of money. I worked several different jobs, from factory to construction to basketball referee in the 1970’s. In 1979, I obtained my real estate license after getting “stuck” on my first house purchase. I later bought the brokerage I worked for, and ran my own company for about 10 years, going back in sales for someone else at that time.

I became interested in real estate education along the way and started teaching continuing education classes in the early '90s.. Shortly thereafter, I got involved with teaching prelicense classes as well and I now teach a variety of classes throughout Illinois and the nation.

I have also been involved in a plethora of REALTOR® activities and leadership roles. The following are a few highlights:

  • Local Association President, twice REALTOR® of the Year and in 2004 was selected to the BNAR Hall of Fame
  • State District Vice President and chaired many committees and task forces, including Seller Disclosure Task Force, for which I earned a Presidential Medallion. 
  • CRS of the Year, Educator of the Year and REALTOR®-Associate of the Year were three other honors I’ve earned at the state level.
  • At the national level, I have served on many committees and groups, including the one that started the current Realtor Pulbic Image Campaign.  In 2005, I chaired NAR’s Education Committee.
  • You can see a more complete list of my activities if you download my complete resume below.

My hobbies include gardening, NCAA basketball and community/school activities.  Yes, the following items are true about me:

  • former minority owner of the Cleveland Indians baseball team
  • photographed a UFO at age 16
  • have attended 33 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Fours

Click here to download my complete resume (PDF)

Ten Reasons to hire Kerry for your next event:

  1. Prompt, professional dealings with your staff.  Outlines and handout material will be there on time! 
  2. Easy to keep in touch with by phone or email. No waiting for a response!
  3. No unsubstantiated claims or embarrassing errors in the classroom.  All information thoroughly documented and referenced.  All OPINIONS will be classified as such!
  4. Never late.  I will always be on time and will be in your city the night before a morning class, if at all possible.
  5. Pay a corporation, not a person.  No 1099’s to complete at the end of the year.  This will help to insure that I am an independent contractor and not an employee.
  6. I will provide a written contract, so there is no guessing as to when and where a class is to be held. 
  7. I never double book! I will be there!
  8. All courses taught with the use of Powerpoint and an LCD projector.
  9. Students will have a valuable, take-home outline with phone numbers and websites, where applicable.  I will also make education a fun experience for your students.
  10. Pro-REALTOR®.  I will promote your Association and the REALTOR® family in general.

Recent Student Critique Comments:

His class gave a lot of information in a fun way.  Judine F.

He made it interesting and great for some discussion.  Barb V.

Thank you for a new way of making this subject fun.  Fun- not boring.  Christie. M.

Always a pleasure.  “Joy to the World”-  Kerry style!
Good job of making a dry topic interesting.

Very audience friendly!  Amanda D.

Excellent teaching format.  This knowledge will “stick”! Allan M.

Kerry made learning fun!!  Very motivating!! Great Class!!  Kristy S.

Spoke ‘down to earth’ on topic.

Kept things moving-time went quickly.  A fun time.  Terry N.

Kerry is so very knowledgeable! I always learn something new from his class.  Linda R.

Great job!  Bring him back!

Kerry, by far, has the best class in Course 2.  Great class! Learned a lot!

"My only regret -this class had to end! Kerry's been great from start to finish, and easily surpassed most of the professor's I had at the University of Illinois. If there were a doctorate in real estate - and Kerry taught it - I'd be enrolled in it!" - Nick C.