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Licensing Requirements- Broker (entry level licensure)
To obtain an Illinois salesperson’s license, the applicant must:

  1. Be 21 years of age *
  2. Complete a 90 hour class (at least 15 hours must be live)
  3. Have a high school degree or equivalent (GED)
  4. Have no felony convictions
  5. Are not in default on student loans, income taxes or child support
  6. Pass the state examination (More state test information is available at www.goamp.com)

* An applicant could be as young as 18 years old, IF they have completed 2 years of college with the appropriate real estate classes taken.

After passing the state exam, the candidate must then be sponsored by a licensed real estate broker within 1 year.

Anyone who wants to become a real estate broker is required to complete a 90 hour real estate course before they can be licensed. This course covers the factors involved in real estate transactions from finance, real estate law, and private property rights to a variety of other topics including listing agreements, taxation, fair housing, property management, Illinois License Law, disclosure, environmental issues, agency law and ethics.

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Illinois Minority Real Estate Scholarships
Money may be available if a student meets the qualifications.  For more information, contact the Illinois Assoc. of REALTORS® at 217-529-2600 or visit www.illinoisrealtor.org/iar/about/minority.htm


Testing for the state exam, salesperson and broker, is conducted by Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP).  To learn more about the state exam, or to register to take the exam, please visit www.goamp.com.

Additional Licensing Information

Inquires regarding licensing procedures in Illinois can be directed to:

Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
500 East Monroe, 2nd floor
Springfield, IL 62701-1509
(217) 785-3414 or (217) 785-9300 

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